A New Approach To Proven Methods

Imagine for a moment...

You are in the spa, sitting in a comfortable armchair, and friendly staff take a blood sample and place a sensor on your left little finger. Within minutes, you have a report of your essential bodily functions and biomarkers. Then, a conversation follows with a trained professional who translates the results in easy-to-understand language and suggests a rejuvenation program with explanations and the expected potential outcome. You may choose among several options. On the last day of the selected program, you sit in the armchair again, and friendly staff take a blood sample and place a sensor on your left little finger again. Within a few minutes, you have a new report. But this time, the results are much better: Cholesterol dropped, blood pressure went down, inflammation markers improved, and telomerase levels increased. Even though you are several days older, your biological age has lowered. Plus, you are equipped to take your health into your own hands due to experience and enlightening lectures. So, the result is improved health, an unforgettable, unique experience; and gained knowledge.

This is the future of Spa and wellness. This is what we call the Spa Wholeness Experience.

Spa & Wellness



The Sauna Workshop

Ok, let’s admit, seating in a small extremely hot and sometimes humid “box” isn't appealing to everyone. However, all those benefits...


Meditation & Mindfulness Workshop

Observe your breath! most likely the very first instruction in a traditional meditation course. Then follows ten days of seating, ten hours per day and...


The SWE Event

Improving health, unique experience, gaining new knowledge and combining the sauna and meditation is what Sauna Wholeness Experience is all about. When one plus one is three!...

Our mission...

A population growing sicker, lonelier, and older; environmental crises; rising healthcare costs; value systems and lifestyles – these are the global forces that drive us toward awareness of the necessity of healthier lifestyles.

Industry and science follow the trend and, in a way, even overtake it. It is noticeable that potential users, or sometimes even providers, are unaware of the possibilities, and therefore, the opportunities offered by various health-promoting practices.

We propose the hypothesis that science-based knowledge is arguably the best motivator for practising a health-promoting activity.

Therefore, we suggest that the dissemination of the accumulated knowledge from the science, shaped in an easily digestible way and accompanied by a practical demonstration and experience, could be an effective way to increase such practices. It can have a positive impact on the health of the individual and the general public.

That is our mission!



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