A Whole new approach to Sauna

5 or 10 days advanced program


As the name suggests, the sauna and its hot temperature is the first of four equally important pillars of the Sauna Wholeness Experience (SWE).  
The idea of using a hot temperature to promote good health is not new. Sweat rituals have been practiced by many cultures around the world for thousands of years. Our ancient ancestors established sweat lodges in many forms but with a common purpose: to improve social life, relaxation or to improve mental and physical health.
Nowadays with the help of science, we know that regular sauna bathing may deliver various health benefits; many of these are listed below.
The second pillar of SWE is cold therapy or the cooling down phase. This phase is not very popular among beginners but it is very important for overall effects. With a gradual approach, this phase soon becomes more pleasant and due to the positive effects that it brings, highly desirable.
Fast and proper cooling multiplies those positive effects from the hot therapy and in addition reduces inflammation, strengthens the immune system, balances hormone levels and offers many other health benefits. It also prevents unnecessary loss of bodily fluids and results in increased plasma volume (the watery part of the blood).  
Basically, it works on the body like tempering on steel, making it stronger and more resilient.

The third pillar
of SWE is Meditation - an active form of resting phase and probably the most demanding tasks for our brains.

After hot and cold exposure, we are overflowing with all kinds of natural body-made chemicals (hormones and others) a which result in various sensations throughout the body. It is almost as if we feel all this fluid, these juices of life flowing within each of our trillions of cells. Many describe this phase as the best part of the sauna session when they can "sail" within their mind and be in some kind of meditative state. 

This provides the perfect setup for Mindfulness Meditation which enhances some benefits from the hot and cold exposure and offers many unique others.



Deep relaxation and better sleep

More efficient detoxification

Muscle gain and fat loss

Improved insulin sensitivity/reduced insulin resistance

Healthier skin and faster skin rejuvenation

Strengthening of the immune system


Arthritic and other chronic pain relief

Improved endurance and faster athletic recovery

Increased cardiovascular health

Brain and mind health

Extend longevity, slower aging

...and much more!


The fourth pillar of the SWE is knowledge. Knowing/understanding is important.  For this reason, we provide a carefully prepared keynote presentation which is not a form of intellectual entertainment but rather a great motivator and a necessary tool.

Let's face it: when we buy a simple device such as a photo camera or phone we usually get a thick booklet of detailed instructions. But we never got the instructions on how to use and maintain our body, which is the most amazing and by far the most complicated machine that we know of - and we even live in it!

With a proper way of practicing sauna, cooling, and meditation, we can achieve astonishing results but we do not want to leave it to chance. That is why we will discuss not only the effects that these health-promoting protocols may deliver but also the root causes for them.

We'll find out the biological phenomena that seem to be the most ‘responsible’ for the beneficial effects of stress on our body, discuss how the body interacts with the hot and cold temperature down to the cellular level. We will overview the long-term beneficial effects that regular sauna bathing offers and learn how meditation works, how and why it can make us better people and how it can make our brains more capable.

After the discussion, you will be able to experience it all in a beautiful specially selected Spa.

If knowledge is power, then knowledge of self is self-empowerment.
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